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Dr VicPearly Wong

Director - Orthodontist

Dr Derek Tan

Specialist - Prosthodontics

Dr Seah Tian Ee

Specialist - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Joey Donovan

Dental Surgeon

Dr VicPearly Wong

B.D.S. (Singapore) M.D.S. (Orthodontics) F.R.A.C.D.S. (Australia)
M Orth R.C.S. (Edinburgh) F.A.M.S. (Singapore)

Dr VicPearly Wong is an accomplished Orthodontist with a firm grasp of modern treatment options for children and adults, including Invisalign (Invisible Braces), and Empower bracket system. She is trained in surgical correction for, and management of, cleft palate. A member of UNIFEM, Dr Wong participates in mission trips to treat cleft palate children in developing countries such as Myanmar. Dr Vic Wong is the Past President of the Association of Orthodontists, Singapore.

Why an orthodontist
As an undergraduate I noticed that the happiest professors in dental school were the orthodontic professors. I decided that they must love their work, or there must be something intoxicatingly happy about orthodontics. Now I’m an orthodontist, I realize the answer is both.

A patient
I had a young patient who came with his mum to see me regarding his small lower jaw and protruding upper front teeth. He said everyone in school made fun of his teeth, calling him “Bugs Bunny” and it didn’t help that he was really small in size as well. I started him on a growth appliance for his lower jaw. It was a removable appliance and I remember him coming in one day to tell me that he had misplaced it. He wanted me to make him another one as his grandma was really upset that he had lost it and hadn’t stopped scolding him. Naturally I made him another and this time he chained his appliance to his pants, literally, with a silver chain. After few years of treatment, I watched him blossom into a tall, handsome young man who is now a school team water polo player. And yes, no one calls him “Bugs Bunny” anymore. The satisfaction? Immeasurable.

Joyce Goh Practice Manager
Phoebe Tan Personal Assistant
Nur Zakiah Head Dental Nurse
Dharani Gopal Dental Nurse
Lai Xian Ying Sr Dental Assistant
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